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Save money and reduce energy

Save money and reduce energy!

Create energy independence for yourself

Create energy independence for yourself

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Reduce harm to the planet

Invest in a helpful resource that WORKS!

Invest in a helpful resource that WORKS!

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CA Solar Group is The Top Local Solar Panel Installer in Your Area

Specializing in different types of solar system installations, such as residential, commercial, and storage battery installations, we ensure you are covered in every aspect of a proper solar panel installation

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Most Talked About Advantages & Benefits from a Solar Company

In comparison to other solar companies, here at CA Solar Group, we pride ourselves when it comes to our expertise in solar installation as well as having more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry. With us, you get the best of both worlds. With each new client for whom we provide installations, we solve new challenges for them and realize just how important our work is for our clients

Who can benefit from a solar panel installation?


With energy prices constantly rising, solar power offers an affordable way to reduce the cost of electricity.
We know that no two houses are the same and approach every house with a custom home solar system installation


By installing photovoltaic solar panels, you will be able to lock in electricity prices and you can finally stop unpredictable electricity bills. Going solar makes it easier for business owners and companies to budget and plan for the future

Watch videos of our solar panel installation

Watch the videos from our projects to learn more about the process of PV panel installations by our team at CA Solar Group and how choosing solar can work for you


Let’s take a simple, step-by-step look at the installation process. Every project is a collaboration between our solar panel experts, as well as you, the homeowner. Every job must go through each of these six steps:

Fill out a short form to find out if switching to solar power is right for you and your home and get an estimate in less than 24 hours to see if you qualify for big savings.

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Power on!
did you know?
According to California's Energy Commission (CEC), a mandate has been issued that all newly constructed homes must have solar panels in the beginning of 2020.


Looking for a great deal on a solar system? We’ll beat any reasonable competitor’s price, while providing a superior level of customer service, and providing the same, if not better products.
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Why choose CA Solar Group Company?

We have over 20 years of experience providing homes and business with valuable products and exceptional customer service

There’s MORE We Offer As a Solar Company!

With us you can get financing options that fit your budget. We work with the best financing companies to make sure that you get the best deal.
Contact us and we’ll help you find exactly what you need with the right provider.
Power on!
did you know?
According to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) by 2024, 2.5 percent of all
U.S. homes will have a solar installation.
Energy storage technology has been around for decades, yet solar batteries used in solar-plus-storage systems are still relatively new to the market. Solar batteries are a life saver; keep reading to find out why.


A CA Solar battery is your essential generator to provide a safety energy source for your emergency needs


You can use your battery to store energy so that your self generated energy is used during expensive peak hours of 3-8pm


Allows you to charge your car when there’s a power outage so your vehicle can be used even when there’s a blackout.
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Batteries are qualified for a variety of rebates and tax incentives in your solar project


The battery can last indefinitely because it is self sustainable.


See it to believe it! Check out our real-world results in our gallery of past solar power projects.

Here's what our customers had to say

Read real reviews from our happy customers who, just like you, made the decision to go solar...
Arthur Atherley
I think CA Solar Group is the best in this business. This guys were very professional, friendly. The techs installed the panels in two days! Very fast and nice work. The panels are working nicely no concerns. I would highly recommend to other people as well. Great job! Triple AAA.
Karo Tashchyen
I used California Solar Group for installing solar panels on my home. The whole process was fast and efficient from start to finish. We ended up getting a great deal for solar and decided to move forward with CA Solar Group, Everything was GREAT. It was overall a very smooth process, thank you guys very much!
Pablo Fernandez
I appreciate the fact that I received info and advice from your site, and personnel, which assisted me greatly in making the choice to use Q-cell panels, especially I want to thank Tudor Boloni for being helpful and not at all pushy. In time to come I will make a further comment on the system when how much it drops my power bill.
Tehmina Avagyan
Will definitely recommend this solar panel installer. I have used their services for my Big Bear Lake’s House.The results were as promised. I was surprised with my power bill. These guys are very professional👍🏻
Hakop C.
I recently used their service and they were very professional. They took the time to give me a thorough breakdown of cost and savings. All deadlines were exceeded my expectation. I was very excited when I received my first bill and saw my actual savings. Thank you for everything and I will definitely be referring my friends and family.
Adrian Johnson
Me and my wife compared 8 companies then decided to go with CA Solar Group. This company is awesome. Professional in consulting. No problem with the install. And the solar system is working great! I suggest anyone who is looking for solar to give them a call.
Pablo Fernandez
I appreciate the fact that I received info and advice from your site, and personnel, which assisted me greatly in making the choice to use Q-cell panels, especially I want to thank Tudor Boloni for being helpful and not at all pushy. In time to come I will make a further comment on the system when how much it drops my power bill.
Colleen J. Pickett
CA Solar Group is a very professional company, right from the start the guy in the office is fantastic, very easy to deal with, the quality of their product is good, the installation guys were very efficient and cleaned up when finished. We have a very steep roof and I thought almost impossible to put panels on but it was no problem to them, would highly recommend this company to anyone.
David Storer
We were stoked with the service of CA Solar Group. Given we have a tiled roof, we were a little nervous there would be damage but the guys were so careful and accommodating to our needs and timeframes. The whole experience was a breeze and I am grateful we decided to go with CA Solar Group. I can highly recommend the team if you’re looking to make the switch to solar.
Terrence Wilson
The whole process of getting this PV system was trouble-free and it was only 2 weeks from accepting quote to installation. Danny is so easy to deal with. Personal service from the owner of the business is rare these days. This is the second house that I have had solar put on, so I knew what to look out for. I highly recommend CA Solar Group and Danny!
Peter F.
They installed exactly what they said they would also on the day they arranged all my questions were answered promptly. A good company to deal with.
Masoud Loghmani
I am happy with the overall process so far with no issues. They have been flexible with my requests in pricing and payment which has helped a lot during pandemic. Have shown professional customer service. I recommend CA Solar Group.
Kathy Cooper
Think the team did a great job on the solar roof considering the windy weather and the electrician also did a good job getting the loom down through the inside of an external wall to the inside of the garage and to the meter box.
Roy Garber
The sales and quoting was very easy. I obtained 4 quotes CA Solar Group were the only installer who came to the property worked the layout with me, explained the various system options. After a few misunderstandings about the installation sequence i was very pleased with the team. They were helpful, cooperative, easy to talk to, turned up on time and communicated well. A good experience.
Frank Crosby
Can not be happier with my solar panels installed by CA Solar Group. I used to dread opening my electricity bill but now I am excited to see how much money I have saved! Not only was the installation process easy as, I even got advice on how to approach my electricity company for the best rates! Can’t recommend CA Solar Group enough!
Kim Nielsen
The salesperson was informative and easy to understand. The installation was smooth. Everything appears to be working as it should. Very satisfied and can recommend.
Finley Newman
I went with CA Solar Group as they were the only one that actually came out to my house for the quote which I liked as I like to meet the people I’m spending a lot of money with, the guys that came out to install were awsome, there team leader explained everything at the start as to what they were going to do. They were on time and got straight into the job.

Let CA Solar Group take charge of solar panels installation!

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Armen Vahanyan

Founder and CEO

Danny Thomson

Operations manager

Lucy Arevyan

Chief financial officer

Tigran Ter Avetisyan

Installation department

Our skilled team ranges from expert engineers to solar installers who strive to make the entire experience pleasant and hassle-free for you.
With us, you only get the best deals on the market and we look at the financing opportunities as well as different programs that you may qualify for to help you make the best choice.
Ready To Go Solar?


Here are a few common questions and answers below but if you don’t see the answer that you’re looking for then give us a call at +1 818 839 3030


Our solar panel brands include the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We feature only the highest quality photovoltaic panels from manufacturers with proven track records in solar panel technology.
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