On This Thanksgiving, CA Solar Group Prepared The Most Caring Holiday Gift

CA Solar thanksgiving

Every year in November, our national holiday, Thanksgiving, gathers all the family members to celebrate the past year’s blessings together.

It is a great tradition that family members take care of each other during this national holiday and spend a happy day together. Almost all the companies in the United States take care of their customers, make them happy, and come up with special discounts, bonuses, and gifts. As the most caring solar panel company, CA Solar Group could not let its lovely customers spend the holiday without a special gift, so we came up with a great idea and prepared the most caring holiday gift for you.

By installing your solar panel system from November 10 – December 10, you will get a FREE EV Charger as a gift.

Show That You Care

On this lovely holiday that gathers your family, show that your family cares. Every person in the family needs reliable energy every day. But have you already found out that solar energy can be the one you can rely on every day? Choosing this renewable energy will be enough for everyday use; you can plug in any device, get heating, cooling, use it the way you use the electricity. And at the same time, this energy will give your family the feeling that you took care of all the things we will mention below at the right time. 

EV charger

Care About Your Family’s Energy Bill

An average family has more than 50 gadgets to charge. In today’s world, we are all dependent on our phones, tablets, computers, and many more electric devices, which we usually charge even more than once a day. Can you imagine how much these devices will affect your family’s energy bill? Did you know that installing a solar panel system is one of the best ways to reduce and even eliminate electricity bills and take care of your family budget? Most of the time, the amount of energy the panels generate is enough to power your house and all the devices each member uses and charges every day. You are still confused because you cannot understand whether solar panels will change your electricity bill or will solar panels generate energy even on the days when the sun does not shine bright? Then, let us tell you that even a small number of panels will change the amount of money you pay for electricity monthly.

Moreover, when you request a free quote, our solar panel experts will help you understand the size of the solar panel system your house needs. Choosing the right size is crucial as due to this, your monthly bills come close to zero later on. What about the weather? In reality, solar panels generate energy even on cloudy and snowy days. The panels do not need direct sunlight to generate power. So you can make your conclusion that a solar panel system will help you reduce your expenses no matter the weather.

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Care About The Environment You Live In

Show that you and your family care about the environment you live in. Saving on the electricity bill is a major but not the only benefit of solar panel system for home. The benefits go further than this one. Another major benefit is that solar panel installation will help you create a clean environment. As you already know, solar energy is renewable, which does not generate carbon emissions; moreover, it enables you to reduce your greenhouse emissions. When you use solar panel energy, you do not create more than 1400 pounds of carbon dioxide every month; moreover, you reduce pollution. Our planet cares for us so much; why should we not be the ones who care for our planet as well? By taking care of our planet, we care for ourselves, as we live in a cleaner and better environment.

Care For Your Family Savings

It’s no longer a secret that your home solar panel system will help you save a considerable amount of money. During the first years, you will save on your electricity bills and get back the solar panel cost. Usually, the payback period lasts from six to eight years. After that, you do not have a cost that you need to return, and you no longer have to pay for the electricity you use. So, you save thousands during a year, which is great. Together with your family, you can make your decision to go solar now, start saving from today and decide how you will spend your family spendings․

solar panel

Care To Increase Your Home Value

Solar panels help you increase your home value. You install solar panels and start benefiting from the first day, bring your money back, save a lot, and once you decide to sell your home, its resale value is increased significantly. There could not be a better and more profitable solution. And this is beneficial not only to you but also to the person who purchases the house as he will not make an initial investment, pay for installation, pay for electricity, instead of this over the life he will save a huge amount of money, and live in a clean environment.

Care To Choose Top Solar Panel Company

Once you decide to go solar, you should also research solar panel installation companies that meet your needs. CA Solar Group makes sure you can get financing options that best fit your budget. We have a $0 down option available as well. Our experts do their best to take care of every customer. 

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Care Not To Miss This Great Opportunity

If you have already made your decision to install solar panels, make sure you contact The best solar panel company before December 10th, as our offer is valid until that time. Only a few days are left until you can get a great gift, a FREE EV Charger; make sure you do not miss this opportunity.

Request a quote and get your free consultation in 24 hours. Don’t forget to use PROMO CODE TG21CA01 to get your GIFT.

CA Solar Group always CAres to meet your needs!

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