The Best Time To Get A Solar Panel System Installed Is Now

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As Black Friday is around the corner, and you have a chance to make purchases with discounts, we think it’s an appropriate time once again to remind you of all the benefits of installing solar panels.

CA Solar Group prepared the most caring Black Friday gift for you. 

By installing your solar panel system from November 10 – December 10, you will get a FREE EV Charger as a gift.

Reduce Or Eliminate Electricity Bills

The primary and most important benefit of installing a solar panel is its ability to reduce or eliminate electricity bills. Especially in areas where the weather is mostly sunny, solar panels’ energy is enough not only to power the house but also to store produced energy most of the time. Moreover, when you receive more sunlight per day, the panels generate more energy than you consume; if applicable, you can exchange it with the utility.

However, if you are confused because you live in a cloudy area, know that solar panels will still generate energy when the weather is cloudy. Indirect sunlight can still help to power your home.

Solar Incentives You Get

Another great benefit our solar panel company will give you is that by going solar you will save a huge amount of money in the long term. Besides reduced electricity bills, there are taxes and rebates for homeowners who produce renewable energy.


By going solar, you will lower your tax bills as you will earn a federal tax credit. In 2006 the federal government set Investment Tax Credit, and you can qualify for it the year you install your solar panel. If you install solar panels between 2020 and 2022, the ITC will provide you with a 26% tax credit and 22% starting from 2023. So, if you are thinking of going solar, plan to do it as soon as you do, as much tax credit you will earn

Some states, including California, encourage homeowners by offering additional incentives, including renewable energy certificates, tax credits, and rebates. State tax credits are the same ITC, but for the state taxes. The rebates will reduce your solar panel costs by 10-20%, but they are only available when the funds are available. With a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate, also known as Solar Renewable Energy Credit, you get a great benefit, as you can sell it to another buyer or local energy utility, and the payment is considered taxable income. The incentives vary from state to state.

The Value Solar Panels Bring

Another benefit, which will make your decision clear, is that you start saving right from the first day by installing solar panels. Annual residential energy is thousands, and you will eliminate or reduce these costs as the energy you get from the sun is free. You can use this considerable amount of money to cover more important expenses.

Also, the solar panel system increases the resale value. People who will buy your home will not have to make the initial investment and installation. So, going solar will increase your home’s resale value significantly.

By protecting your roof from snow, rain, and debris, solar cells extend the life of your roof. Also, your roof is safe during hot summer days because they absorb direct sunlight and keep your home’s temperature low.


tax credit


Create A Clean Environment 

Let’s not forget about another crucial factor: going helps us create a clean environment. 

The electricity we use is created from fossil fuels like natural gas or coal, which pollute the air and cause global climate change while producing electricity. And as these harmful fuels are also finite resources, the electricity price continues to go up.

Solar panels obtain unlimited clean energy as the source is sunlight. By going solar, you can help reduce air pollution and not cause global climate change. 

Solar Panels Pay For Themselves

And last but not least, the key point is that between 6-10 years, you get back the whole solar panel price. 

The number of years varies based on many factors, but after a small explanation, you can calculate the payback period on your own. Which are the factors that affect the payback period? First is the solar panel cost or, in other words, your most considerable expense. Then, let’s not forget about all the solar incentives mentioned above as they dramatically shorten the payback period and reduce the solar panel installation costs. Your average monthly electricity usage also plays an important role since it will help you understand the size of the system you need. Besides, if your monthly electricity usage is high, your savings will also increase, and your payback period will be shorter accordingly. And your estimated electricity generation also matters. We always design a system that matches your desired energy offset.


Solar Panels Will Charge Your EV Charger

Going solar will be a great decision if you have an electric car and use an EV charger. You will start charging your car and EV charger from the panels free. Like the other points mentioned above, this one also will help you save money.

Why You Should Choose CA Solar Group

Now that you know all the benefits of a solar panel system let us explain why you should choose to go solar with CA Solar Group from all the other solar panel companies.

We work with the best financing companies to ensure you can get financing options that best fit your budget. To make solar affordable for everyone we have a $0 down option available as well. We are specialized in different types of solar system installations such as solar panel and battery installation, residential and commercial. Our skilled team ranges from expert engineers to solar installers who strive to make your whole experience pleasant. We give you a 25-year equipment and workmanship warranty, roof penetration warranty. Moreover, we provide free system monitoring and guarantee for solar production, again for 25 years.

And the most important thing is that this is the best time to go solar because you will get a FREE EV Charger as a gift by installing your solar panel system from November 10 – December 10. 

Request a quote and get a free consultation in 24 hours. Make sure to use PROMO CODE TG21CA01 to get the GIFT.

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